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Coin 1 Peso Cuba Karl Marx Year 2002 - ALOTCOINS
  • Coin 1 Peso Cuba Karl Marx Year 2002 - ALOTCOINS
  • Coin 1 Peso Cuba Karl Marx Year 2002 - ALOTCOINS

Coin 1 Peso Cuba Karl Marx Year 2002


Cuba commemorative coin of 1 Peso of the year 2002. Uncirculated (UNC).

This collector's commemorative coin commemorates the German Karl Marx, socialist thinker and revolutionary activist.

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This coin commemorates Karl Marx.

Born in Germany (Trier) on May 5, 1818, he opted for philosophy, history, sociology, political science and economics.

He was one of the most outstanding political writers remembered in history. Thanks to his thoughts and ideas, the theoretical model of Marxism was born.

The basis of Marxism is formed by his anti-capitalist works and represents modern communism, historical materialism and scientific socialism together with Friedrich Engels.

His best known works are:

  • Thesis on Feuerbach (1845)
  • The Manifesto of the Communist Party (1848)
  • The Capital (1867)
  • The eighteenth Brumaire of Luis Bonaparte (1852)
  • Contribution to the critique of political economy (1859)

One of his most outstanding phrases: "The story happens twice: the first time as a great tragedy and the second as a miserable farce".

It became so influential that in the 20th century the most inhabited countries in the world were governed by principles based on Karl Marx.

He died in the year 1883 at age 75. His last words were "The last words are for fools who have not said enough during his life".


Data sheet

Coin grading
Uncirculated (UNC)
26 g
38 mm

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