1.1. Introduction: With the information provided hereafter, Alotcoins intends to inform you on the privacy policy with regard to your personal data.

1.2. In compliance with the Data Protection legislation, Alotcoins fulfils the current legal regulations in terms of personal data protection, making sure that all the data under our responsibility are dealt with in accordance with the legal requirements.

1.3. Security measures: The necessary (technical or organizational) security measures will be taken in order to guarantee their confidentiality.

1.4. Purposes: The data provided to us and those obtained in relation to us shall be included in a file or files owned by Alotcoins and could be used for the following purposes:

  • (i)- General management: They will be mainly used for the purposes derived from the running of general administration, development control and management of their relation with us.
  • (ii)- Contact: The contact form will be used for the management of your contact with us, whether it is for mere consultation purposes or any other purpose.
  • (iii)- Social networks: We inform you that we are present in the social networks. The data processing of the people who become followers (and/or set up any links or online action through these social networks) of the official sites of Alotcoins, in such social networks, shall stick to the rules herein, the current Privacy and Cookies Policy, the Disclaimer, as well as to these use conditions, privacy policy and other regulations regarding the access, use and other similar rules regarding the social network they belong to. Alotcoins will process your data with a view to duly manage your presence on the corresponding social network, keep you updated on activities, products and/or services rendered by Alotcoins or on third parties that may be related to our activity, as well as with a view to any other purposes the social networks regulations may allow.
  • (iv)- We inform you that your personal data will not be segmented.
  • (v)- Your data could be processed and/or communicated to third parties for the compliance of the current legal and contractual obligations.

1.5. Data related to third parties: If you provide us with personal data concerning a third party, it shall be your duty to previously inform or request this party´s consent to the points set out herein.

1.6. Hyperlinks: There are no hyperlinks on our website that enable the communication of your data to other websites.

1.7. Rights of affected persons: When necessary, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending a letter to: Alotcoins, based in Alluitz kalea, 21 bajo, 48200, Durango (Bizkaia), together with a copy of your ID card, or by sending an email to info@alotcoins.com, making reference of the following subject in the envelope or in the subject of the email: “Alotcoins, privacy policy and cookies”.

1.8. For all the reasons explained above, we will assume that, in the event that you provide us with your data, you explicitly allow us to process them as described above.


2.1. Definition and function of cookies

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your PC, telephone or any other electronic device, with information about your navigation on that website as you access to it. Cookies allow a website to, among other purposes, store and retrieve information on the user´s browsing habits, or on his/her device, and, depending on the contained information and on the way he/she uses this device, could also be used to recognise the user.

2.2. What kind of cookies does this webpage use?

We use technical and personalisation cookies: The former allow the user to browse our webpage and use the different services in it and the latter allow the user access the service with some predefined general characteristics. Cookies are used for the user´s language selection.

Analytic cookies are those used by us or third parties so as to quantify the number of users, measure and analyse statistical data related to their use of the service provided. For that reason, their browsing on our webpage is analysed in order to improve the offer of products or services we provide them with.

Cookies from external social networks are used so that users of our website can interact with the contents of different social platforms (Facebook, twitter and Instagram).

2.3. Way of disabling or deleting cookies

You may allow, block or delete the cookies from this website by changing the configuration of your browser.

  • Click here for further information on the browser Chrome
  • Click here for further information on the browser Internet Explorer.
  • Click here for further information on the browser Firefox.
  • Click here for further information on the browser Opera.

If you do not accept any cookies, however, our website may not function correctly.

2.4. Information about the customer´s identification using the cookies

You will hereafter be able to see the cookies user´s identification; by following the links, you will have access to the information on the policies relating this:
About the analytical cookies, the information obtained through the cookies is processed by Alotcoins, which has an analysis service agreement with Google Analytics.
There may also be social network complements from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

2.5. Cookies policy updates.

There might be new interpretations made by the relevant regulatory body, judges or the competent court, that might introduce new modifications, for which the user should check the contents regularly.