Currently you can buy online in all countries of the European Union and in much of America, Asia and Oceania.
Unless expressly indicated in the description of the product, whenever a coin or ticket is purchased, it will be exactly the same as shown in the photograph.
You have up to 7 days from the receipt of your order to change your item or request your return. You can manage your return by mail to the following address:
Alotcoins Alluitz kalea, 21 bajo 48200 Durango Vizcaya (Spain)
We recommend you to send it by certified mail.
At the moment of confirming your order you will see a text box where you can enter your promotional code, so that the system can verify if it is correct and automatically applies the discount.
In this case, we will need your IBAN code to make the refund. To do this, access the section “Refunds” and click on “My Account”. If you have an account at, you can provide us with your information through the “Order History” section under the menu "My Account".
Once you have finished your online order you will not be able to add or delete products or change the quantities. If you want to change the shipment date you will need to contact the Customer Service Department by sending an email to
There is neither a minimum nor a maximum amount. If we receive an order with an exceptionally high amount, the customer service department will contact you to make sure the order is correct.
At Alotcoins we work in such a way that we can always send you the desired items. In the case that during preparing your order we find out that one of your ordered items is not available, we will contact you by e-mail.
The first time you place an order with us, the payment system will ask you for your delivery address in step 2. This is only the first time, because if you are a registered user on our platform, the address will be saved. You can change, delete or add further delivery addresses via the menu "My Account".
In the "Access to my account" section, there is the option "I forgot my password". If you click on it, you will be asked for the corresponding access data and a new password will be sent to your e-mail. You then have the option to choose a new password.
You can change your e-mail address by accessing the online store and there you can change the e-mail in the section of "My details".
Once the order has been successfully received by our system, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive it, you can contact our Customer Service Department for information. As a precaution, check your "spam" folder as well.
In addition, you can check the status of all your orders in your customer area via the "My Account" menu.
In your personal area "My Account" you can always see the status of your order. In case of doubt you can contact us using the form provided in the Contact / Help section. *In case the order has been made through the ordinary delivery option, only the information of the order content and delivery date will be available.

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